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720 Days Around the World Adventure: Travel and Change Your Life!
Travel Traveling The Lost Life Lost Boy Memoirs Rickshaw Run Teen Romanchak Yaar Backpacking Adventure GoPro Canon Austalia India Myanmar Thailand Cambodia Croatia MedSailors Greece Serbia Scotland United Kingdom Montage Wanderlust Inspiration Hiking Camping Outdoors Thingyan Working Holiday Australia Sailing Offbeat Motivation Charles Bukowski Alan Watts Cullah Highlands
2 years on the road is a long time huh? Hello Lost Ones, I have just returned back to the United States after nearly 2 years of traveling around the world! Should be a ton of countries covered right? Well, given that I tend to travel longer in destinations, it was "only" 11 countries over that time, but the adventures experienced during that time and the stories created are what matter. From participating in the Rickshaw Run across India, to living and exploring Australia for a year, Thingyan New Year in Myanmar, road trips across Cambodia, living on sailboats in Croatia and Greece as a photographer for MedSailors, hiking the highlands of Scotland and more. This is just a handful of footage from the travels, separate episodes of each destination to come soon! Make sure to keep an eye for the sneaky kiss someone throws at me as well! LIKE IT? SUBSCRIBE: FOLLOW ON IG: READ MORE: LOCATIONS: India / Australia / Myanmar / Thailand / Cambodia / Austria / Croatia / Greece / Serbia / Britain / Scotland. Music: Song "Mission District Swedish Hohner Waltz" appearing on "Trinity" by Cullah Available at: Under CC BY SA license Spoken Word Soundtrack: Charles Bukowski and Alan Watts. Equipment: Canon 650D Rebel T4i, GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition. Edited on: Adobe Premiere. Extra Footage: Derek Freal (, Patrick McGuire (History Things with Pat), Zach Piepol Collaboration with: David Van Tassell of Rockstar Film Company.
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