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Thursday 21st of June 2018 12:56:09
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Traveling the World With a 71-Year Old Kayaker
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At the age of 34, Aleksander Doba paddled his first kayak. From there began a love affair with the sea that continues nearly four decades later. Driven by a fearless curiosity, Aleksander took to exploring the world from the seat of a kayak. In 2017, at the age of 70, he kayaked across the Atlantic for the third time, spending 110 days solo at sea. His entire journey from New Jersey to Brittany, France, took him 5,039 miles across the ocean, battling tropical storms and treacherous waves. For some, his expeditions seem impossible, but with every new adventure, Aleksander discovers a new, beautiful way to see the world. This Great Big Story was made in partnership with Valero: SUBSCRIBE: This story is a part of our Human Condition series. Come along and let us connect you to some of the most peculiar, stirring, extraordinary, and distinctive people in the world. Got a story idea for us? Shoot us an email at hey [at] GreatBigStory [dot] com Follow us behind the scenes on Instagram: Make our acquaintance on Facebook: Give us a shout on Twitter: Come hang with us on Vimeo: Visit our world directly:
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