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Friday 22nd of June 2018 10:46:02
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Maria "Evo Girl" Rides in 1200HP BEAST Supra!
TRC That racing channel supra trc supra
SUBSCRIBE TO THAT RACING CHANNEL ► Last time on TRC we featured Maria and her awesome Evo VIII. As you've seen Maria loves taking her friends/family for a ride in her Evo and scaring the piss out of them. This time Maria goes for a ride in one of her all time favorite cars... 1200+HP Toyota Supra! 1995 Toyota Supra mods: -3.0L built by Real Street Performance (RS1600) -Manley internals - Driveshaft Shop carbon fiber driveshaft -Hypertune Race Intake Manifold/90mm TB -PHR S45 Billet collector exhaust manifold -PHR Triple Walbro fuel system -Precision GT42 7685 DBB -AEM V2 -2200cc Siemens injectors -Clutch Masters FX850 Triple Disc clutch
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