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The Bronx in The 1980's PART 1 (Original)
boogie down bronx abandoned buildings empty lots detroit kool herc hip hop beat street bronx warriors urban decline new york city 1977 city that never sleeps south bronx inflation hyperinflation peter schiff gold silver graffiti 80s 70s collapse in new york city Post Apocalyptic Apocalypse debt crisis alex joes third world 3rd world The south bronx economic breakdown war survival the last of us 4409
If you're wondering what The Bronx looks like today, click on one of the links below. - - Follow me on Instagram to see pics of Today's Bronx: Bronxshots Like my Facebook page: The South Bronx of the 1980s. here to refresh your memories and have your kids realize that you been through a rougher and funner life and they got theirs easier and boring. This is the real ghetto...The real boogie down. You will spot just a tad bit of queens and manhattan in this video, to show the spread of the Hip Hop movement. All clips are copyrighted by their respective owners. NO INFRINGMENT INTENDED. Clips were from: Beat street (1984) Wild Style (1983) Beat This (1984) 1990: Bronx Warriors (1984) Fort Apache: The Bronx (1981) Wolfen (1981) style wars (1983) HOT 97 aircheck (198x) songs: kurtis blow - if i ruled the world Wuf Ticket - The Key
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