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Friday 19th of July 2019 10:05:35
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My MOM Makes My SLIME SHOP'S Restock SLIMES! *icee slime, cloud slime, and more!*
My MOM Makes My SLIME SHOP'S Restock SLIMES! *icee slime, cloud slime, and more!*
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HELLO PEACHY FAM!! *Open for da slimessss* I've been feeling a bit down this week, so I let my mom take the wheel and do EVERYTHING in the shop this week! She pinced the slimes, create the new products, and make everythign herself! This is a bit of a slime shop restockvideo and a bit of an appriciation post for my lovely mom :) I hope you like it!! SHOP THE VID: Click me for sick vids: Click me for sick irl vids: This weeks fav social media:! Follow me: @ itsaxdrea :) Come say hi! Gonna try and spam as many of u as I can who comment their FAV NEW emoji :) SEND ME THINGS: ItsAxdrea P.O. Box 852 Ft. Myers FL 33902 Keep an eye out on for updates when I open my p.o. box again :) You're welcome to send me things whenever you like, but I can't guarantee they will be opened on camera! Thank you so much for everything, ily💕 🦄HANG OUT WITH ME🦄 INSTAGRAM - MAIN CHANNEL - SECOND CHANNEL - TWITTER - MUSICAL.LY - Itsaxdrea SNAPCHAT - andreaXsnaps 🍑ALLLLL THE SLIME THINGS🍑 SLIME IG - SLIME STORE - If you see this, COMMENT UR FAV THING ABOUT SLIME! (extra tags hello mom) diy slime without glue, asmr slime, white glue, icee slime, cloud slime, satisfying
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